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How to order genuine spare parts of forklifts

Customers should provide the spare parts’ list to spare parts managers in JAC Forklift.

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How to order genuine spare parts of forklifts? 
1. Customers should provide the spare parts’ list to spare parts managers in JAC Forklift, which contains spare parts names, purchasing quantity and the models from spare parts’ manual.

2. On being given the list, the managers will contact the customers and quote them within 24 hours.

3. A formal contract must be signed bases on the agreement both parts have reached.

4. The preparation and delivery of spare parts can be completed within 48 hours after the payment is received.

5. Once receiving spare parts, the customers should have a good inspection on the spare parts and inform JAC Forklift of existing problems within one week!

6. The warranty for the spare parts takes effect from the date of delivery.

Frequently Asked Questions about Spare Parts: 
1. How long is the warranty period of forklift J series?
The warranty period for forklift J series’ main components is 3 years or 4,000 hours (whichever is earlier): engine parts (engine block, cylinder lid, crank shaft, flywheel), transmission parts (housing, gears), drive axle (axle housing, half axle), steering axle (steering axle), fork, chain, mast, frame, lift bracket.

2. Why should we buy the genuine spare parts?
Genuine spare parts share the same quality with those applied in production. The perfect match with the vehicle helps maintain the outstanding performance of spare parts. Counterfeit parts are dramatically different from genuine parts in materials and precision even though they have similar appearance. Forklift’s performance and safety will be seriously affected if counterfeit parts are applied.

3. How to calculate the warranty period?
The warranty period starts from the day when the forklift is delivered to the first user and ends on warranty period’s last day.

4. What should we do when problems of spare parts arise? 
When the spare parts can not work, the users should deliver the problems to managers in JAC Forklift. Then the problems will be transferred to after-sales service center immediately. Note that the parts can not replaced and repaired without authorization.

5. Generally what kinds of spare parts should be bought when buying forklift?
a. Filters (including engine oil filter, fuel filter, air filter, hydraulic oil filter, etc.), 
b. Sealing elements (including cylinder seals, axle seals, steering axle seals, etc.), 
c. Bearings (drive axle bearings, steering axle bearings, etc.), 
d. Other wearing parts (brake shoe, hydraulic clutch plates, etc.)

6. How to extend service life of the forklift? 
Maintain the forklift regularly and apply label fuel, engine oil, and hydraulic oil.

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